MAS Holdings, an innovation focused company is one of the region’s largest suppliers of Intimate apparel and Activewear. Operating in five countries with over 45000 people, the company is a vertically integrated apparel service provider to its strategic vendors such as; Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Speedo and M&S
From inception, a progressive management culture that disregarded traditional employer-employee relations has been the hallmark of MAS. This culture of respect for all, fair play, honesty, and integrity continues to be MAS’ most distinguishing trait. An equal opportunity employer, MAS differentiates itself through its best practices to position Sri Lanka as the preferred destination for ethical apparel solutions by its commitment to championing women’s empowerment and sustainability in the global apparel industry.
Planning Executive

(MAS Active Linea AITC – Thulhiriya / MAS Active Synergy – Avissawella)
You will be responsible for the preparation of the operations plan for the respective SBU.

Key Responsibilities;
    * Preparation of the style-wise weekly cut plan and other supporting plans whilst ensuring its alignment to the factory production plan
    * Preparation of the weekly fabric inspection schedule
    * Follow-up on the dispatch and receipt of raw materials as to facilitate the production process and ensure the timely availability of raw materials for the production process
    * Prepare the Pre-Production meeting schedule & ensuring timely conduct of the meeting
    * Attend the daily operations meeting and participate in discussing and resolving any cutting related issues
    * Check the fabric and accessories in-house status against committed dates & inform the merchants of any delays whilst identifying possible action plans so as to ensure such delays affecting the production process are addressed
    * Undertake the responsibility of transferring relevant raw materials, patterns etc to relevant plants when styles are transferred in-between plants

Qualifications and Experience;
    *Degree in Maths /Statistics or a related field.
    *At least 1-2 years experience in a similar role.
    *Good knowledge of the Operations process is critical.
    *Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    *Computer Literacy.
    *Knowledge of the Fast React system will be an added advantage.

CLOSING DATE: 05th March 2010

Name:             Anika Mahamooth
E mail Address: